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Check out our new Videos platform!

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Up top, see that button that says "videos" ?    On a phone, click the three little lines on the top right, then click on "videos". 

What is it?  It's a platform to share youtube videos, to comment on them, and to learn and share.  

Who can share youtube videos? All logged in members!  

There are two categories.  

FJ-09/Tracer 900 Videos-for most any FJ-09/Tracer 900 youtube videos.

DIY Tech Tip Videos-for Videos about how to fix or install something on your bike. 

Are you a youtuber trying to get more viewers and subscribers? Start sharing your videos in our platform, because we submit all meta data to Google, so these videos will get ranked and seen by thousands/hundreds of thousands for years to come. And hey, anyone with an FJ-09 or Tracer 900 comes here to learn and laugh and share. 

Or, did you just see a really helpful or cool FJ/Tracer video? Copy the share link and put it in the Videos platform! 

Soon, when I add some more details, DIY/tech tip videos will automatically also get loaded in our tech tips section.  

And, you can follow fellow members in their profile, and then you can follow their videos when they share em! 

Facebook, Reddit, they can all go suck an egg. Because this forum has more features, and this is the place to be for FJ-09 and Tracer 900 owners. I hope you enjoy and use this new feature. Even more coming soon! 

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To share a youtube video in our videos section, simply go to the youtube video, click the "share" button, copy the URL for that video.  Then come here to the forum, click on "videos" then click on "add video" and then pick the correct category.

Its easy. Lets fill the videos section with a bunch of cool and helpful FJ-09/Tracer 900 videos!  

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I think this is awesome =)


I'll have some videos to share this year just for fun.  I have a Youtube channel, but I really only toy with it and I keep lying to myself that I'm going to take it seriously and post videos regularly.  It's more an outlet/excuse to play with video editing software because I enjoy that as a hobby and 90% of the videos never get uploaded because I think they're trash, lol.


Anyhow, to the point!  Thanks for the constant feature additions.  This site is growing beyond just a basic forum and it's exciting to see.

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