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ECU flash 2015/16/17 models


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I doubt this would be possible but I'll ask anyway.

Is it possible to flash the 2017 model software onto a 2015/16 model? If it was then the older models could possibly benefit from different/better fuelling (Though I've no complaints on my 15 model) and better traction control options. I'm sure there are other changes I'm not aware off too.

There may be hardware and ECU changes which make it not possible?

Along the same lines, if a 2017 model ECU was available from a bike being broken would that work in a 15/16 model and again make the above changes?

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You can easily fix the fueling with a flash from 2wheeldynoworks or Vcyclenut.  Not sure about the TCS situation or swapping ECUs.  Let us know if you figure out how to get the different TCS modes onto the pre-2017 models.


Edit to change ABS to TCS.

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7 hours ago, duhs10 said:

Let us know if you figure out how to get the different ABS modes onto the pre-2017 models.

I'm guessing you mean traction control rather than ABS? It's really what I'd like to get onto my bike, the on/off system on my 15 model prevents any front wheel lift either off the throttle or over crests. I was wondering if the 1/2/off setting on later models is less intrusive.

I'm not too concerned with the fuelling on my bike, everything is relative and coming from a bike (TDM900) that had an early fuel injection system it feels great in comparison.

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Might need the dash and main wiring harness and any sub-wiring for switches... 

You will have to do some digging into the parts lists and compare what's the same and what's not- I dont recall any postings about using a 2017 ECU on a 2015 bike... 

The front wheel will still lift about 5inches if TCS is on lvl1 or 2 ...same for the 2015 bikes when TCS is on...


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