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givi 2139 touring windscreen


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just installed the givi 2139 touring windscreen on tracer 900 gt and a couple of warnings. while quality of acrylic heavy and good, as usual, there are a couple of things you should know. because of the size givi felt that additional bracing needed, and you have to buy a bracket kit at over a $100. probably does need, as yamaha's factory touring screen which is smaller, did seem to tax the sliding bracket. but the bracket blocks the use of the 12 volt socket, for garmin chargers anyway. and the one hand adjustment is gone - you have to loosen two screw handles before you can move, so forget on the fly. and maybe it's just me, but to install the screen on all this you have to somehow place 4 layers of washers and brackets, etc. behind screen which is not even finger space size, and thread fastening screws through all of this with out dropping all the little pieces. i think i could rebuild an engine in less time and frustration. oh, and - the knob adjusting screws were twice as long as they should be ( you have to cut off ), and the kit was missing rubber washers ( trip to the hardware store ). since my driveway sheet of ice won't be able to try out for a while

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hi, just tried to install this givi 2139 windscreen on my 2020 tracer gt, and apparently the holes in the screen do not match and have to be filed or made bigger with a drill. Did you have this problem?


Also, since the screen is much wider, can you turn the handlebars all the way without them hitting the screen?

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