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OEM Shock Upgrade in Canada


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I just received my stock Showa shock back from Accelerated Technologies in Buckhorn Ontario (near Peterborough). They did a complete teardown service, re-valve, changed the spring for my weight, added a radial bearing under the spring and re-assembled with synthetic oil and nitrogen. I was very impressed with the professionalism with how they handle their business. I was contacted twice by the technician and asked very intelligent questions about my riding style and where I think the shock did meet my needs. They are a full service suspension facility with a great team.

I can't speak for the end result yet, but wanted the group to know there is an alternative to the OEM rebuild in Canada at reasonable rates. Expect about $425 CDN plus shipping and tax.




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Thanks for this lead. I know they have a great reputation. Price for a rebuilt OE shock isn't too bad. Another couple of weeks and you'll be able to test it... 😛


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I have about  1000 KM on the rebuilt shock and I am very happy with the results. Fixing the rear means you need to re-spring the front at the same time. Accelerated changed the OEM shock to the correct spring for my 230 Lbs, but without the front end getting stiffer springs it would not have worked as well. A great experience all around!

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 I had been researching suspension upgrades for a while now, and someone directed me to Accelereated Tech on another thread (Was it you Windosr?) in the Canada section. I talked to a dealer in BC, who was happy to sell me some gear, but wouldn't give, or had very basic answers to my questions and concerns. Not confidence inspiring at all.

So I tried John at AT. Many emails later, and a hour long phone conversation, and several weeks go by and I booked my bike in for a complete Ohlins package. Full new kit in the front, and a YA 534 rear. Even though I was late getting there, I was met with smiles and got straight to work. Bike measurements, (sag) some questions about what I'm looking for, kind of riding I do, passenger and then the bike was torn apart. Clean shop, friendly people, nice quiet country setting...

 The whole process wasn't cheap by any means, but now I understand when people say "the oem bike feels skittish and now it feels planted/ it rides in rails", and I have to agree.

 So, a thumbs up to the Accelerated Technologies crew and would recommend without hesitation.


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