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Hello all.  Does anyone have the contact information for an executive in the Motorcycle Division for the US?

My FJ-09 has been in the shop since 01/28/19 for a warranty repair.  The dealership has been troubleshooting and can not isolate the issue.  The #1 cylinder does not work intermittently.  I have lost track of what all they have changed out, ECU, throttle bodies, ignition system, harnesses, etc.  They have reached out to Yamaha Tech after every failed "solution" only to be given yet another possible solution.  They then have to order the parts, wait another week, and try again.  They, and I, have been asking Tech to send someone out to troubleshoot to no avail.  

I have also been dealing with customer support, but can't even get a supervisor to call me back.  Before I send blanket registered mail to the Board and CEO, I was hoping someone here might have the contact info for the head of warranty, motorcycle division, tech support or customer support.

I really appreciate any assistance.  This is beyond frustrating, especially since this is my primary mode of transportation to and from work.

Thanks in advance,


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