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To many diagnoses this year, quick ride. With drone shot


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Got hit with 2 medical diagnoses in the past year. One last summer and one this past week. Neither are life threating as long as treated. But both are Huge life style changes for me. So I blasted down to deals gap and all the other roads down there on wensday. On my way back now friday. Got the tires almost rounded back out. Hit the dragon with no bags yesterday really got after it. Today i had the bags on the way home. Scaped both bags. So maybe a little aggressive. Lol. Bought a new jacket on the way down been running a winter jacket from 2008. Got a klim at 40% off being a left over like my bike was. Lol

First photo is after the thrusday run. And then the bridge on 129 before Robbinsville. Went across and took a nap in my hammock.  I airbnb'ed it didn't fell like fussing with camping for the short time. Lady had horses and dogs.  The wild turkeys greeted me this morning. The the last to left side tire pics are today with the bags on. 

The bike sure does put the "sport" in sport touring.  Only met one other fj09 while down there. Was dead thrusday, which seems kinda weird, as it was a beautiful day thrusday.  And a drone shot of the overlook on 129


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@limpy88 - Sorry to heat about the health concerns, but commend you for getting out on the bike to keep things in balance. 2015 was my year of ‘you have to be kidding me’ medical surprises, and the thought of getting back in the saddle as quickly as possible was a big part of what kept me in good spirits.   

Take care, and keep riding.   


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