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Even though we got the bikes a couple of weeks ago, I haven't been well enough to ride, so I've had to console myself with just sitting on it. Today however, was the day.  So here are a few of my thoughts about my new bike... 
I've only been riding a couple of years; my first bike was a CBF1000, which I loved but ultimately was too heavy - and too top heavy - for me to be able to be totally comfortable on. Over 30mph was fine, but I had to stop sometimes ;-).  Then I got an XJ6 Diversion F, which was lighter, with the weight lower down.  Loved this bike too, but I missed the power of the Honda.   I've also owned a Triumph Thruxton but that was really just eye candy!   So - not years and years of experience but enough to know what I like, even if the technical stuff escapes me... 
I've wanted a Tracer since I saw the first photos before Christmas, but I had huge doubts about the height. I'm a smidge under 5'4", so seat height is critical, I wasn't at all sure that even lowered the bike wouldn't still be too high. I had ridden both the first MT-09 and the Street Tracker though, and knew that it was light, so when our local dealer finally got a demo in, we rushed down to try it. Couldn't ride it as it was a new reg, but to my surprise I could just reach the floor on standard settings. The dealer offered to have the bike lowered, and supply a lower seat (for nothing!), meaning they could drop it down by 47mm....  
As as it turned out I didn't even need the lower seat, which is good news as I think I'll need all the padding I can get when we go touring.  
Initial impression was that this bike is as awesome to ride as it is to look at.  Comfort wise, it's the difference between one of those horrible plastic chairs you sit on in the village hall and your favourite armchair. Gone are all the stiff joints - shoulders elbows and wrists - instead I now have a nice natural posture. I found that around town the bars are a tiny bit too far away, but I think that that's probably more cos it's a new bike and I'm not used to it yet. Once outside town this "problem" vanished. Another worry was the clutch. I don't have a huge reach so having to stretch for the clutch can cause cramp very quickly... Especially on a 600 when you're changing gear every second.  This worry proved to be groundless too. I can reach ok, but the clutch is so light anyway that I can change gear in a nano second.   All good so far.   On the open road, the acceleration in A mode is exhilarating!  I could do that all day!  I find the steering very light too, it changes direction before I even think about it.   The downside to that is that when I tense up, the grip on the bars makes it feel "nervous".   Having only done 72 miles on it, I think this is also just because its new. 
Overtaking was a joy.   Overtaking on the XJ was hard work.... Had to think about it as much as when driving a car, and that's not why you ride a bike. See the car, check your view, open throttle..... Huge grin - job done.  
We we went from Northampton to St Neots down the B645 - a lovely twisty back road and also a well known bike route so you have to keep an eye out for the cops :-D.   Scuff tried out his steering damper too. It was a bit chilly, just 7 degrees but to be honest with all the protection the bike gives it wasn't unbearably cold.  Can see this bike being busier for longer than my others, where I froze.  
All in all, it lives up to my high expectations. Yes I am on tip toes, but the bike is so light and manoeverable that it really doesn't matter.    
I also managed to answer the question of which colour is faster.. See this short
 [video src=http://youtu.be/iTaz7lXKDBo]  
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Well, I initiated a temporal incursion using the deflector array, then simply rode through.  8-)
I note the commands used were edited out of the intercom voice track...
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Well, I initiated a temporal incursion using the deflector array, then simply rode through.  8-)
I knew the red ones were faster. They come equipped as standard with the deflector array. Your bikes and photos are gorgeous.  
Everyday's a good day when your able to ride
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