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Greetings from Toronto


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Greetings from Toronto. I picked up my FJ-09 on Monday and rode it straight home as the temperature was below freezing. Can't wait for the warmer weather arrive. Oh, too bad the FJ does not come in white as that is my first choice.
I've been riding since 1981 but stopped in the early nineties due to marriage and kids. I got back into it about 10 years ago and have owned a MP3 500, Mana 850, SH 150 scooter, and Stratoliner since then. When the F6B came out in 2013 I was all over it! Test rode several of them and loved it but never pulled the trigger on one. I still lust after the F6B, in black not white - too large to look good in white. Perhaps one day.
I sold a Diavel to acquire the FJ-09. I also have a white 2013 V-Strom 650 as well as a project bike, 1985 Kawasaki GPz 550, in the garage. Thinking of selling the V-Strom since it serves a similar purpose to the FJ.
I originally went into the dealer to check out a white FZ-07 as I wanted something small to commute on. I went back and forth between the FZ-07 and FJ-09 for several weeks before deciding on the FJ-09.
I admit that I have some kind of mental illness when it comes to motorcycles. I love them all! One is not enough! I am now thinking of selling the V-Strom to get the FZ-07. I love the lightness of that bike!
I look forward to particpating and gleaning invaluable knowledge from this forum. Let the modding begin!
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Bubba... I'm reading your post and it's like its all about me too lol.. I luv white.. Keeping my white FLHX and getting a FJ-09 for a daily commute machine..ha I wish Fj-09 came in white.. Going with the grey one.. It's a stealth look over slower RED ;).. I guess we have same illness. Ride safe..
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I like the FZ07/MT07 too. When I had the 600 mile service done the dealer had a yellow MT07 waiting to be picked up by its new owner. It had some black on the tank which set it off. It would have been better if it had speedblocks...
Here's a cute bloke in Japan looking at one in a Youtube video. No idea what he is saying but it's a shame you can't order him from Yamaha as an accessory

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