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Tom Tom 550 wiring?


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Am thinking of installing the power cable as supplied with the Tom Tom 550 sat nav,

I figured that the best place to attach to a switched live would be the number plate light ,I am very ignorant of wiring on bikes so hoped someone would be able to comment on whether this is a good plan please, thanks ahead of time for any assistance given.


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connect from the front. There is a plug for this connection (fused and switched-off with the key). Better to have short cable from the front. There are two or three plugs free. I cut the one and solder the cables directly.

tracer plug min.jpg

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I bought an outlet adapter plug from AutoZone and used that for a while.  No problems at all - didn't get the cheapest one but one with pigtail leads I added crimp connectors to.  It worked very nicely.  I have since relocated it to the connector under the windscreen.  I have a Neutrino Aurrora to install and will have a spare connector so may relocate to that.  The 12V to 5V converter for the Zumo XT is not really weatherproofed and would be nice to have it in a better location.  I used the adapter plug on the way home after buying the bike and it was perfect with no issues.  I've heard of them getting loose and not working but not mine.  It was there for 6 days and about 2,000 miles but no rain.

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Just curious if anyone has ever tried one of these?  I have been thinking about adding one under my seat as an easy way to simplify wiring for my Lighting, Aux Horn, Heated Seat, etc - etc - 

Clean up your wiring with an MSD Solid State Relay Block. This...

  Looks interesting, even though it is intended for use on automobiles.  


Ride Safe?  

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Haven't seen one but don't now why it would not work.  It is not fused and will not protect wiring or deices if a short circuit occurs. I really like it but at that price point for another $70 or so I would rather have the Neutrino with current limiting.  For lower power devices conventional relays from Amazon are available in a 2 relay board from Amazon.  Popular with folks working with Arduinos and Raspberry Pi's.  

Straying off topic a bit I thought a bit about how to control aux lights.  On my BMW had a device which worked off the CanBus and could be set to do things based on day/night, high/low beams, brake signal.  It had PWM built in so could adjust aux light brightness - I had 4 selections of brightness (day/night High/low) which was very nice.  Gradually there seem to be more devices coming but no one has jumped from simple relays to a device that uses CanBus for inputs and is programable from a phone.  The Hex ExCAN I had was programmed from a notebook via a USB port.  Ive toyed with the idea of using an Arduino to take inputs and generate outputs but haven't found a good PWM unit to use with it.  Inputs would be day/night, high/low beams, brake signal and left/right turn signal.  This would give me the flexibility needed for broad aux light control as well as tail light/brake light control.  A good winter project :-)

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