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I have been erased


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Hello All-

I'm back with a new-ish user name and new address!  Used to be EmitRDetsaw on the old forum, now DetsawEmitR.  Still riding a reasonably-farkled 2015, as is my wife - mine is the faster red color.  She cannot get onto any forums at this time due to a federal witness relocation issue she's trying to work through.  

 COVID-19 really cut into our riding time this season, since we both got it and we are both still feeling the effects months later.  Chronic fatigue is the major remaining issue now.  

Hey Cruisin, we're practically neighbors now!  

Idaho needs a quality road course so we can resume doing track days.  

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Two FJ-09's in the same house?!

...are you accepting adoptions?

2015 FJ-09 / FJR touring bags / oil plug mod / Evotech rad guard / SW Motech bash plate / VStream touring windshield / Seat Concepts:  Sport Touring / Vcyclenut ABS rings (speedo correction) / Cosmo RAM mount

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33 minutes ago, DetsawEmitR said:

Idaho needs a quality road course so we can resume doing track days. 

Welcome back!

There's a pretty bitchin track off I 84(?) in north central Oregon I think. Not exactly close, but should scratch the itch. 

'15 FJ09

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No.  I'd stuff the ones I have now back to where they came from if they'd fit.  Don't need no more in the immediate family, especially since there's no blood relation to keep you safe.


You mean ORP?  It's for sale.  Started at $10 mil USD, last I looked it was down to $7.5 mil.  I'm holding off until they get desperate.  There is a downside - it's kind of geographically undesirable.  It ain't in the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from there.  

As much as I think I could spend my retirement just facking off riding slowly around my own private slice of heaven, the missus needs a Costco and WalMart within twenty minutes one-way before she'd even contemplate a move to the wilds of Eastern Oregon. 

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Go to Montpelier  and stop at the cafe.  Ask the waitress for hot orange juice because it is cold out and mention your nipples hurting.  That is when the fun begins.  Make sure your riding companion is not eating at the time because they will have no option other than spitting the food while laughing.  Who needs a track to have fun?

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