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Forma Low Adventure boots


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I've had several types of riding foot gear, with the exception of any kind of Harley branded junk or any type of zip up boot ( No thank you, back when I started riding again after a lengthy hiatus, spent time looking at Motorcycle accident photos just to remind myself of the realities involved. Often enough you'd see a boot empty of foot- typically a cowboy boot- dude,they are designed to come off the foot if caught in a stirup- or a zip-up type, or a frickin tennie for the luv of God. Best photo I ever saw was of some dude on a supermoto in a Euro setting: pulled high speed wheelie, front wheel came down on edge of curb, launched his arse airborne sideways, at which angle he encountered a cement pillar. Tore him in half, graphic pic of gut pile, torso, legs sans pants,etc.)

Ended up riding in Georgia Giants Low Heel Loggers on my HD; good boots although a little hot. Don't work too well on the Tracer. Finally foiund these Forma Low Adventure Boots.

Man, these puppies are the cat's meow. Beefy, comfortable, waterproof and my feet have yet to sweat in them even at 100+ temps.


Forma Adventure Boots too tall? This low, large calf friendly, version offers...


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