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Tom Tom Xmas 2020 sale - AU

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If you were holding off on a rider 550 purchase because, like me, you thought they were just too expensive, then this 40% off offer might be worth checking out.

I've put an order in for my own Chrissy present. 🙂



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Hmmm, that's interesting.  I just checked and the link points to the AU site but diverts to the CA site after clicking.

The link has been derived from an email campaign sent to me as I am a Tom Tom subscriber.  It is definitely an offer for Australia.  I can vouch for it as I have ordered one and it's on its way, but maybe only valid from the email campaign link directly?!

I've tried a couple of other ways to get it to point correctly but it must be a targeted campaign only.   Sorry if I've unintentionally got anyone's hopes up.


I've got another idea to try: - cut and paste this directly into your browser i.e. don't click on it. - it works for me.


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