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Checking in from Tennessee


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After a year of reading and fretting, I finally decided on the FJ-09, and will put down the deposit this week.  
I'm a former FJR1300 rider - put 60k fast miles on an upgraded 2008 model.  I really miss that bike, and considered buying another one.  But, my wife isn't riding pillion anymore, so a smaller, more nimble bike makes more sense.  We both ride Dual Sports now - me on a DR650, and her on a XT250.   
Can't wait to ride the FJ, do some farkling, trip planning, and hopefully meeting up with some of you. 
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Welcome and thanks for joining us! The FJ-1300 is an awesome bike. Faster than most people realize, very comfortable. Heavy, but great for long miles.
This FJ-09 may just be the best do it all bike out there. You will like the engine quite a bit.
I too would like to schedule some meetups and some scheduled rides.
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