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A good experience...

Guest lawrenceofsuburbia

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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
Having agreed price etc., over the phone I called into the Yamaha dealership of choice early this morning, and had quite the best-ever experience in any of the hundreds of motorcycle shops - including many BMW dealerships - I've ever dealt with.   I spent a lifetime in retailing, so I like to think I know whereof I speak when it comes to the customer experience, and this was good one...
The very pleasant non-pushy sales guy I'm dealing with (Ben) greeted me, and we did some paperwork.   Then he took me out the back to see my bike, freshly uncrated and almost (not quite) ready to go.   It looks great!
He then introduced me to the service guy, and I had a look around the workshop, where several mechs were beavering away at various bikes sitting on hoists and platforms: everything was clean and neat and tidy - could almost have eaten off the floor - and a good workmanlike atmosphere seemed to prevail.   The service guy answered readily my few questions about lead-time to book-in for service, frequency, costs, and so on.
Then to the accessories guy as I wanted a new pair of riding pants - got them at a decent discount.
Then to the business manager (finance guy) to pay my deposit, etc.   He introduced the subject of insurance - long story short, through the dealership I've got a super deal on 'Platinum Level' insurance with QBE, a major player here.
At $407 fully comprehensive that's markedly less than quoted elsewhere, and with several benefits not offered by others.   To illustrate the comparisons - my current insurer started off wanting almost $700 to insure the bike: I got that down to $598: another company later quoted $534.   $407 for better and more inclusive cover seems a good deal!
The bike is subject to the gear-shifter recall, which will be done today (the service guy seemed very familiar with it and gave me a bit of a run-down on what's needed - about a two-hour job he said), and I should pick the bike up on Monday afternoon if my bank transfers the funds through quickly enough - if not, Tuesday.
BTW, the dealership, for east coast of Oz riders here, is Team Moto Yamaha at Lawrence Drive, Nerang (Gold Coast),07 5557 1111.   They gave me an excellent price on the bike, $00s better than the other, more local, dealership I spoke to, so I'm a pretty happy camper, as we in Oz say.   Well worth the 60km drive to Nerang.   I should stress that I have no connection with the business other than as a very satisfied customer thus far.
L of S [em]('39 model)[/em][em]Brisbane[/em][em]Queensland[/em][em]Australia[/em]
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Good for you Lawrence!
that's great it has worked out that way! What made you decide this is the bike for your old bones? I thought it was subject to a trial on the comfort seat? Have I missed another thread somewhere? I've just returned home from Japan, and truth be known, I'm over Australia already! Great roads, but customer service is rank here in Melbourne compared to Japan. Ok, they push you a bit if you dilly dally, but it makes you stronger.
Enjoy your new bike!
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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
Somewhere here I noted that the comfort seat is 4 - 8 weeks away in Oz, depending on which dealer you trust!   But thinking about it, I am pretty sure that one way or another I can get an at least [em]acceptable[/em] seat for the time being - and hopefully better than just OK - and if necessary will only do short-ish rides until the comfort seat comes in.   My next big trip is planned for Aug/ Sept, so plenty of time, and hols between anyway that will restrict my riding. I'm happy with that decision, having been a bit 'down in the mouth' when the seat became the defining element in the whole deal.
I'll post some words on what I've done and how it has worked out, after I've done it!   Pray for me!
Collecting bike Mon or Tues next...
L of S
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Nice to hear!!
I pretty much had the same thing as you. I myself work in the service trade although in a very different industry. With over 20 years experience I can spot good (and bad) customer service a mile off.
CMC's at Clay Cross in the UK http://www.cmcbikes.com/ is where I purchased mine. Again friendly attentive, but non-pushy staff, every question answered and when I sat down to purchase the bike all the free coffee I could want!!
I also got a discount on clothing and got great help from that department (Which at one point meant undressing a mannequin for me as it had on the Draggin Jeans that were my size!! :-)
All done really well and I can't see myself going anywhere else for my next bike. It's also a regular haunt for me as it has a good cafe inside as well!!
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