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Why Niken front shocks are in the inside vs outside


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Saw this in a Facebook posting about the Niken  as to why the front suspension has the shocks on the outside of the tires vs the inside (a la Yamaha Tricity) and it's because: "The Niken arranges the front fork outboard of the front wheels, in order to allow a bank angle of 45 degrees allowing for higher corner speeds than the Tricity, which has the front fork inboard of the front wheels."

I Am curious as to how much higher cornering speeds would you have with the Niken design vs the Tricity suspension design.

Incidentally the top speed of a tricity is 85mph/137kph while top speed of a Yamaha Niken is electronically limited to 136mph/219kph. Not that I've ever taken a hard turn at triple digit speeds (mph) on a  motorcycle like that before. 



2019 Niken GT
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