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HWK Overpants


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Hooray! Kaloo, Kalay! Oh Frabjoulous Day!

My Olympia XMoto pants finally died last Friday morning.  The right leg zipper would go down all the way to the bottom, but then the portion about 3-4 inches above would separate and you couldn't get the zipper up.  Olympia looks like they are starting back up after going out of business, so I couldn't just go buy another set of their pants.

So I did my research and found the supply chain is totally messed up.  Many of the pants I wanted, were out of stock in anything but the tiniest sizes or the "Omar the Tent Maker" size.  I ended up ordering the HWK overpants off the evil empire, Amazon.

And so, my HWK pants arrived today.  I had ordered these months ago when they were $29, but returned them.  There were some fitment issues back then, and I wondered how these would be.  Had they changed?

The basic pant looks the same.  Like the picture on their website, it has some nice pluses.  First, it is light colored.  In hot summer temps, black seems like the absolute dumbest color to have, even if it is mesh.  And I've found black gear really doesn't add any heat in the winter.  

Next, it has a large open area that unzips over the top of the thigh to let some cooling air in when the temps get warmer.  Some pants give you just a small zippered vent area, and I wonder how well that would work.

The most important thing though, is how they fit.  I wear a size 34 pant.  I purchased two pairs, with the intent to try both and return one.  One is a 34-36.  The other is a 36-38.  Both fit, with obviously a little more room in the larger pair.  The pants have a Velcro strap on each side to tighten the waist up quickly and easily.  


There's also some elastic in the waistband area to allow for expansion.


While I'm at the waist, the snaps at the waistband are substantial.  How long they stay on, will be up for debate.  But for now, they are very strong and seem to be quality parts.


The reason I returned the $29 pair, was because the calf area was too tight.  That pair of pants fit fine in the waist and thigh, but the calf felt too small.  Both of these new pants, seem appropriately tailored. 

The pants came in a plastic sealed bag.  When I opened the first one, these tags were there.  Interestingly enough, the second pair of pants, didn't have the tags.  It looks like they were returned from a previous purchase and repackaged.


Ignore the non-paid model. ;)


The tags said they used Cordura material.  It appears they did.  It also said they used CE armor.  It appears they did.


A selling point for me, was the large thigh vent area.  Here's what it looks like when unzipped.  I tucked the material down into the opening at the knee.  Unlike the Olympia XMoto pants, the material doesn't fall all the way down into the calf area.  But it does tuck away neatly.


One "issue" is think will come up, is that same opening will probably pick up water in the rain.


The leg opening is one place I wish they would make larger.  I can't see a way to get the pants on and off without removing my boots.


Every pair of pants is a compromise.  The Olympia XMoto pants were not perfect.  The knee armor seemed great when standing up, but in the riding position, they shifted to the side to the point where I wondered if they would do any good in a get-off.

HWK has done an excellent job on these pants.  The material seems durable and the stitching looks good.  Zippers are on the smaller side, but seem adequate for the job.  The waist adjustment, seems great and the two straps to take up the waist, are well made and simple to use.  

I wish the side zippers at the bottom of the leg were larger.  But that's not a deal-breaker.  What would've been a deal breaker, is if the pants were not cut large enough to wear over pants.  The rain liner is not one I plan to use; it is the kind of material that doesn't breathe.  I'll take the removable rain/wind liner out of my Olympia XMoto pants and use it instead.  But what do you want for $59.

These pants would be competitive to pants that cost up to $200.  And when I see what they managed to do here, I have to wonder why Klim gear costs so much.


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Great write up, thanks for sharing

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