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Huge-ass Givi!

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DAYUMN! When Givi said they make a seriously manly-sized  footstand extender for the Tracer GT, they were not kidding!  😲

When I first installed it, first thing that pops into my head is: how can this beautifully machined but ginormous footpad  not hit the centerstand when folded up in position?




Well... it's because it's Givi, and they make sure it doesn't...  there is a good 5/16" gap remaining when both centerstand and sidestand are folded up for normal running:



I still need to road-test it, obviously, but it appears I am not going to worry about the footstand sinking into hot, soft asphalt anytime soon.  👍





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That pic right there illustrates why I tossed the Givi foot and ordered the AliExpress special instead. The plate should lie flat against the ground, not canted up in the air like that. The weight of the bike is pressing up against that skinny top bracket and two little screws.


All IMHO of course, YMMV.

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The sidestand is not down on the ground in that picture, the rear end is up on the rear Pit Bull stand.  Hence the shadow all around it.

Still, you got me curious, so I took the rear of the bike off the Pit Bull stand and checked it again.... looks pretty flat to me. Maybe you got a bad one, or had installation problems...? Who knows.




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