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FJ 09 purchase in Kansas


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7 minutes ago, LarryBud said:

Hi Folks,

I just bought a used 2015  FJ 09.

I hope it’s what I’m after.  I look forward to learning from the collective wisdom here.


Congrats on the purchase .. picked up my 2015 early this year, love it so far

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11 hours ago, LarryBud said:

Hi Pete,

Mind sharing the Mods you went with?


Lets see if I can do it all from memory.  New design clutch cable. Old one breaks early. 

Oil pan drain bolt mod. If you bottom out on something it cracks the oil pan.

Under seat storage area. Cut the wall out for more room.

Manual cam chain tensioner.

ECU flash. Almost mandatory on 15. Successive years got better.

Then the usual windscreen, suspension, seat, etc. to taste. 

BTW I lived in Lenexa KS when I was a kid.

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40 minutes ago, peteinpa said:

Then the usual windscreen

Would only add that I don't think this is optional. Literally no wind screen is quieter with less buffeting than OE. 

And the pumpkins.  I hate the pumpkins. I hated the pumpkins in 2008 on my last Yamaha. Get rid of the pumpkins and get some LEDs. :)

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THe seller did a pretty good job of setting the bike up it has:

Madstag Screen / Brackets

New Clutch Cable

It's been flashed by some outfit in Wash State

FJR Saddlebags with a professional Paint Match ( with luggage inserts )

Braided Steel brake lines all around

Electronic Cruise ( works Great! )

Front fender color match painted an extended

OEM Tail Box Bracket / Rack.  I really miss a tail box for the misc stuff ( water, gloves, wallet, etc., etc )  I'm trying to decide between a oem box or just getting a little soft bag for the tail and getting use to the side bags.  They work fine but need the key and are a little less convenient than having it on the tail.

I changed the oil last night and have an appointment for new shoes next week.  I'm thinking about a new saddle.  I'm only good for about 45 minutes on the stock seat before it starts to come to my attention.

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