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Madstad 24in windshield for sale.....used once

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If anyone is interested, I purchased the 24in Madstad windshield. But then had to change it for the 26 because of my torso height. Madstads new policy is to just sell you another windshield without the attach hardware or wings so now I have the old 24in size as a standalone item.

I only rode with it on the bike once, so it is basically brand new.

PM me if anyone is interested in purchasing it. We can discuss cost and shipping at a mutually agreeable price.

Pictures available upon request. But I think you know what it looks like. It is perfect.

Thanks for considering.


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Well, like I had mentioned, this windshield is for a Tracer 900 GT. I am not sure whether it fits on an FJ. You would have to ask Madstad.

Also, not sure if Madstad will sell you just the mounting hardware for it if it could be made to work for the FJ.

24in retail windshield is $310 from Madstad before tax and shipping.

Looks like shipping is pretty steep for this because of the size of the box (25 x 22 x 6) regardless of USPS, UPS, or Fedex, so I think it would be somewhere around 150ish....but certainly something  I would be willing to negotiate privately via PM.

I was thinking the more likely buyer would be a person who did what I did and purchased a non optimum size Madstad windshield with the mounting hardware, and wanted to just get another sized windshield that would work in their existing Madstad hardware for a good price.

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