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Tracer 900 Electrical connector....

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Wish I knew how to post a photo lol.. Loving my new Tracer 900!  Just noticed today,  there is a very small black electrical connector located about a 1/2" to the right of the LEFT mirror mounting bracket below the handlebar.  What is this and should the tiny yellow and red wires be visible i.e. no dust or rain cover?? Looks like I may squirt a tiny bit of black silicone sealant over the exposed juntion. Just looks unfinished.

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Don't know the wire colours on the Tracer900, but I think you are seeing the clutch switch. Normal for these wires (sheath) to be a bit exposed. These are black-red and black-yellow on my bike (ignore the blue wire in photo... used with aftermarket cruise control).


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1 hour ago, Garz747 said:

Yes thats it!  My little Honda had rubber boots on all connectors and cost about a third of the Tracer.

90% of the time it's better to let water in just as easy to let water out. 

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