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  1. hi duckie, im out of newark, i ride monitor pass, 395 sonora pass alot. sometimes i go to sonora pass n back. 5- 50- monotor pass, 395, 108, 120 580 , one time i went on to hwy 338 then down to bridgport reservoir then up to 395 to sonora, that was tiring
  2. the place that supplied the aluminum also bent it powdercoat it, $30 for 4mm alum 12x12, $20 for bending. i cut it to shape n drilled, then i dropped itboff to machine bend then more fitting then dropnoff for paowderdcoat, they didnt charge to powdercoat, its a textured powdercoat. i did spend 82$ on the bmw mount which served as a template, i stole the tubes n mountbkit which i welded to work for me
  3. yeah, at 6k miles, i had alot of o rings peeling off. highly unusual, my last bike i had 10 k miles, i sold it after 4 yrs and was still on original chain.
  4. im at 12500 miles, got mine may 2019, new chain at 6k miles. as much as i love the tracer, im looking at the 1290 superduke gt. maybe i had gotten used to the power and would like some more? i really like the single side arm on the ktm, the power and lots of electronic goodies. anyhow, only looking, still plan to putting alot of miles on the tracer
  5. thanks all, im a little dissapointed in my fab, I should have done my homework more. the monokey system doesn have a case smaller than 30l, i was hoping to use a small case sometimes, the 36l case is too big. i may bolt on a sw-motech adapter so i can use the monolock boxes which have smaller cases like for one helmet. ya dodge viper
  6. brand new, works on all givi monokey system, too big for me. 160$
  7. best spot is below the handlebar, unused non moving space, i use a gopro alum mount bolted onto the plastic trim, trim is cheap to replace if i ever wana sell, the go pro mount bolted to a iphone cradle. even if the phone is not cliped on the cradle it stays in place
  8. mock fitment, not too happy with it, i want the box more in an angle but the angle of the plate is determined by the 10mm bolt in the back. off to powdercoating
  9. Since nobody makes a top rear rack that mounts above the passenger seat, i decided to fab my own. The only rack i see mounts behind the passenger seat. I started with a Givi BMW mount, I received the mount but it was made of steel and actually siginificantly heavy. I am fabbing my mount out of aluminum 4mm 6061. the edges of the mount still have to be bent to add strength. still under construction....
  10. yo, where in norcal are you? im by fremont do you tour at all? hmu
  11. any of u fools live in the Norcal Bay area? i ride to the east alot, who wants to tour
  12. so in the normal setting, only one side of the headlights run normally? i thought both ran all the time?? i disasembled a ton of stuff to try to replace the bulb when i gave up.
  13. i had this in mine, its all inthe left, i recently added a handlebar relocation, made it only a few millimiters higher and closer to me. it significantly reduced the vibration. still somewhat there depending on the rpm im in at 65-75 mph. i think bar end weights will kill the vibration