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  1. norcal, i rarely look in here, leme knwo when yall ride, i pass by sac alot going to eastern sierras. also, anyone with a carb sync tool? i need mine done, who has one or i can buy one and we can sync them. jason
  2. anyone in the bay area have a carb sync tool? can i borrow? i will pay or buy you lunch! im at 13k miles, i never did the carb sync and i think i should now, i have some fine vibration
  3. i might be the shortest guy on here, im 5'6" i have the oem lowering link in the back, the front tree is lowered about 20 mm, then the front shock is screwed our max, im 143 lbs so not to woried about botoming out altho i have scrubbed once when i was going down a curb thinking i had the clearance.
  4. thanks, stock seat, mounted in lowest position. I cant do the comfort seat, it would raise me up, im 5'6", im really tall. lol
  5. anyone use any of those light weight batteries? recommended? do u have to tender them?
  6. rode the twisties of hwy 50 to south lake tahoe, couldnt feel diff that i had a top case, only had a jacket in it. did get to 130mph to lose a honda civic lol. i love this bike
  7. is the cathouse a real cathouse or just named as such? lol
  8. the handlebar has alot of unnecessary vibration for the phone, where i mount mine is like a dead space. i use an aluminum go pro mount bolted to the trim. also the trim is cheap if it comes time to selling the bike
  9. thanks much, i like the Givi monokey system but i wish they made a smaller box than 30l
  10. hi duckie, im out of newark, i ride monitor pass, 395 sonora pass alot. sometimes i go to sonora pass n back. 5- 50- monotor pass, 395, 108, 120 580 , one time i went on to hwy 338 then down to bridgport reservoir then up to 395 to sonora, that was tiring
  11. the place that supplied the aluminum also bent it powdercoat it, $30 for 4mm alum 12x12, $20 for bending. i cut it to shape n drilled, then i dropped itboff to machine bend then more fitting then dropnoff for paowderdcoat, they didnt charge to powdercoat, its a textured powdercoat. i did spend 82$ on the bmw mount which served as a template, i stole the tubes n mountbkit which i welded to work for me
  12. yeah, at 6k miles, i had alot of o rings peeling off. highly unusual, my last bike i had 10 k miles, i sold it after 4 yrs and was still on original chain.