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  1. 8k otd is insane, thats with tax? thats super low on a new bike. im at $9700 OTD but i havent bite the bullet yet. its a new 2017 FJ09 already got factory heated grips. i want it bad, just need to have finances in order first.
  2. new here, any bay area people on here. San Jose, Peninsula, Eastbay. Im in fremont. mellow rider first bike: fz09 current bike Vulcan 650 second bike 17 FJ09
  3. I do not have the budget for a Tracer 900 GT, so I am contemplating buying a FJ09 instead. I only want 3 major things that I know i can add to the fj09 Heaated grips, sport shift and cruise control. Anyone added cruise in a FJ09? i want i to look as factory as possible. please advise, thanks jason