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  1. so in the normal setting, only one side of the headlights run normally? i thought both ran all the time?? i disasembled a ton of stuff to try to replace the bulb when i gave up.
  2. i had this in mine, its all inthe left, i recently added a handlebar relocation, made it only a few millimiters higher and closer to me. it significantly reduced the vibration. still somewhat there depending on the rpm im in at 65-75 mph. i think bar end weights will kill the vibration
  3. i bought this crash bar, because of the center stand on the tracer, the right side will not fit without cutting away material. left side needs no modifications. im actualy a welder fabricator so all i had to do was cut steel to clear the center stand. doable but u need to know what ur doing. am very happy with it
  4. the catalog says this fits the FZ09 MT09, doesnt say tracer or FJ, i like this bar, can anyone confirm if it fits our tracer? TN2132
  5. there is a guy on youtube with a FZ09 and he swapped to a 17t. im researching a 17t gear that is rubber dampened, i dont want just a steel sprocket, prefer dampened sprocket like factory.
  6. so, anyone done this yet? i have a 15 kawi Vulcan S 650. When it came out in 15, i was the first to experiment with ratios, i researched that the Versys 650 had one more tooth on the engine (forgot the number of teeth) so i ordered the kawi genuine part, it fit in the motor, im absolutly glad i did the change, many have done it too. Im in the same predicament on this Tracer, i strongly feel adding a tooth on the motor (if theres space for it) will benefit, more than, reducing teeth in the rear. i come from shifter kart racing and gear ratio choice was one of my strengths, every track i raced had its own ratio i would do. anyone have a pic of the motor and sprocket? i can tell if theres enough room for a bigger sprocket. i do not feel this motor should scream as much as it does on the freeway.
  7. congrats Larz! i just baught mine last friday and i havent been able to stop riding. i ride whenever i can, im at 430 miles now in less than a week. $14500 OTD, and thats a deal in CA, 9.75 %. everywhere else was at $15k
  8. I am happy to report the vibration is gone!, i installed a handlebar relocation because im short. from the location of the handlebar now, it basically broke the resonance of the vibration. thank goodness.im so much mor comftable riding now. thanks folks https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/KRgAAOSweopbufHN/s-l1600.jpg im also blown away, lol i ordered riser this friday, i got it today tuesday, yesterday was a holiday, and this part came from turkey. I cant beleive it, i ordered stuff from tx, etc and i still dont have it.
  9. hey guys, just got my tracer GT, i get the vibrations only on the left hand and on the freeway while cruising . do most yall that get them get them in the whole handlebar? i bougth this for long road trips i need to adress this problem. anyhelp is appreciated
  10. hi lance, when i first started this thread i was making a deal on a FJ09 on clearance, someone beat me to it. i just got a tracer instead, leme get to know it first and lets ride sometime. i got this thing so i can ride to the eastern sierras where i camp and ride alot atving. and ride all over to far places. jason 408-718-1756
  11. is this steel or aluminum? also are the ones on ebay from china a nock off? or is givi selling this but their all made in china?
  12. Hi guys, the bar is steel correct? not to heavy? also, i see on ebay, some made in china, are those nock offs or is givi made in china, so these are same just sold by the manufacturer?
  13. hi gldean, im new to here also. what winshield is that? i need that exact one
  14. thanks guys, agree i dotn want to wear ear plugs, that makes it unsafe. my qualifier Bell is just too low end, ive had it for years, and the windhield was never a seal, always leaked air. i invested on this bike for long trips, jus need to invest in a proven helmet. adventure helmets ?