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  1. Nice! Can you post a pic of how you mounted that?
  2. I haven't picked up a set yet. Jdavis convinced me that the cheap Chinese fz6 pegs are getting it done for him so I tried a set, so far so good after 1k mi. I'll still get around to the enduro pegs though.
  3. Does anyone have a video of an excessively noisy cam chain on this bike that would warrant a cct replacement?
  4. Very nice I like the way that looks!
  5. I'm OCD about my tire pressure and want a TPMS that is both accurate and reliable. I was looking at this system (TireGard 13-315A Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0068FYAHK/?tag=soubayrid-20 ) but I'm open to experienced input on other options. Anyone else using a monitoring system they like?
  6. Worked our way along the coast down to Cambria for lunch... After lunch we made our way up Santa Rosa Creek Rd.... We turned up Vineyard dr and into wine country where it was a 'chose your own adventure' up through chimney rock and back out to Paso Robles. Quick gas stop and off to Morrow Bay to end the day...
  7. Finally got out this last weekend for my first real ride on this bike since I picked it up. Had a group ride of about 40 riders starting in Monterey, CA. We worked our way down Hwy 1 (aka. PCH) through Big Sir on Friday morning and the conditions were absolutely perfect! Mid 60s, sunny, and no traffic... Stopped at Ragged Point for a short coffee and pic break...
  8. Put this cheap Chinese rad guard on, not bad and the price was right. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07JFNHPTB
  9. I'm working on getting a set coming from another member as we speak. I appreciate the offer though!
  10. Why go either of those routes when where's some sweet riding down 25, 198, and 33 over the mountains.
  11. Though I'm the 2nd owner of my 2015 and Ive only put on 600 mi during the month Ive owned it, bike just hit 30,000 mi
  12. Found some black CNC machined levers with gold accents to match my forks. Simple but subtle bling.
  13. @texscottyd Did you ever determine what spring you had on that shock?
  14. I can attest to the horrid smells of Harris ranch, especially in 115F summer heat and no wind. It's like traveling through the apocalypse.
  15. Gave the bike a quick wash today but headers just aren't coming clean so I had to pull out 'my lil friend' to get the job done. I've been using Bar Keepers on my KTM headers since we ride a lot of adobe clay which is by far the hardest to remove after its baked on. Made quick work of these headers, heres a before/after...