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  1. I was there and it was great as always! Hotel better, but wish we could have more to do within walking distance from the hotel.
  2. I ordered one back in April slated for May delivery, but just got it (GT9) mid October. Played around with the settings and settled on the suspension in Sus2 (comfort) with T1 throttle (full delivery). Couldn't be happier. Tried the other throttle settings but they just were too lazy on the power delivery. FYI I rode my 15 FJR in sport mode for 20k miles and never wanted the touring mode once. I did put on the 2020 Tracer 900 touring screen and now life is perfect. This machine is amazing in so many ways. I agree the dash is just too busy and the info is too small. I can see it, but it's a strain. Waiting on the factory to bring out frame sliders and I'll be happy.
  3. i thought about waiting for a 22 but they're still having distribution problems that look likely to persist. i ordered a 22 grom that was expected in september but still nothing. problems everywhere
  4. I put a deposit down on a '21 GT9 in March, delivery expected in May. It's October and I'm still waiting.
  5. About to pick up a new 21 GT on Friday. I'm from over in blue Ash, and have been tracking these things for a couple of years. Anything funky about the bike I should be forewarned about?


    Look forward to seeing you out on the road sometime. I'm coming off of a 650 Versys.


    1. bagmanhd1


      hoping to get mine this month. was scheduled for May, but shipping is clogged up. we should get together for a ride