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Exhaust: MT-09 vs MT-09 Sport Touring

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I feel like a doofus. Bought a used, original MT-09 exhaust system to replace my existing one, thinking it will fit the Sport Touring or Tracer/FJ-09 model but alas, that’s not the case.

As you can see, the top left shows the MT-09 with a longer end exhaust connector, and the lower right shows the SP version with a stubbier end. I discovered my error when the exhaust couldn’t fit properly, with the end impinging against the centre stand. 

Is there no way I can salvage this situation? If not, any suggestions what I can use this spare exhaust for in the near future, perhaps to cut off the part where the box is and connect an aftermarket muffler? Many thanks.


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If you are not wanting to do the suggestions above, is it possible that the cowl on the MT-09 exhaust is the only thing that's getting in the way of the centerstand and removing/modifying that will 'fix' your problem?

The cowl is only there for decoration (on both systems) and adds no functionality to the exhaust system itself.  The only thing to check for is that the actual tail pipe is attached at the same point on both systems.  If so you may even be able to swap the original cowl onto the 'new' one. But that's only me speculating. 🙂


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