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Nitron R1 preload

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Just wondering, does anybody out there have a Nitron R1 shock without the HPA? How do you find adjusting it with the very capable looking adjuster. How many turns do you make for taking pillion. How do other shocks, like K-Tech etc compare. Thanks in advance

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I have the R1 w/out HPA. Nice shock.

Adjusting is easy with their pin tool. It's not the fastest, but I adjust it so infrequently that it's a non issue for me. I think the pin tool is the only way on the FJ. There isn't enough room for the traditional  spanner.

Number of turns will depend on load. Talk to your builder to get the spring and valving right for your weight/load and riding style.

canada.gif.22c5f8bdb95643b878d06c336f5fe29f.gif - IBA #66956 - 2015 Yamaha FJ-09

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Cheers for that😃 it looks like a good quality shock and the adjusting tool looks good. I am likely to make adjustments many times over the year when I’m taking my wife on the back so I’m thinking in the long run an HPA, although expensive, will be the way to go, thanks for your feedback

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