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hello from Southbridge New Zealand

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Hi Guys
Have owned my mt09 tracer for 6 weeks just clocked 3K what a great machine having just traded in my 08 R1 (plus a right hip replacement???? ) This machine is amazing you can actually use its Real day power all the time it is like a stelth fighter compared to the r1.Have been averaging 5.5 l per 100k
the bike is very capable 2 up my missus and I plus hard luggage would be on or over GLW but bike very composed with very impressive power and providing yr not being unreasonable with bikes ability you will enjoy it immensly.
I'm 6.1 and find best screen placement low and always use ear plugs the wind is not a problem,although it is prone to sideways movement in strong cross winds????The price you pay for such a lightweight beauty that she is!
Headlights amongst the best in the business you will be on a death wish to out drive them, all in all I can't rate it enough throttle response is no worse that many other fuel injected machines and really is down to practice ????.
my only concern is the factory tyres in the dry very composed and sticky but as an around tyre very unfriendly don't like any thing other than dry road and at first chance be changing to pilot rd 4
stunning tyres.
some people having clutch issues vibs, etc I found that just giving clutch lever a little more free play addressed that .
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