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Lowering a 2016 Tracer 900 (UK)


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I have just purchased a 2016 tracer 900..haven't ridden it properly yet just picked up, but I noticed that it was taller than I thought (and taller than I had experienced in the shop!). Anyway, it has a custom seat which I've put on the lower setting (but haven't yet adjusted the plastic bracket...and its raining so i'll wait), but if I wanted to adjust the height on it, I would first check the standard seat vs the custom one (additional padding?), and I've looked at lowering links... there are many! But are there other things I can adjust too?

I'm 5'7" with a 30 inside leg, so quite short. I have a 2007 CBF1000 which is '795mm' so the 840mm of this is quite a difference, and I'm tiptoe-ing both sides. Are there suspension adjustments I can make to make it shorter before using a lowering link? If not, the Yamaha link is quite expensive and doesn't lower it by much..but others lower by 20mm (and some even more). I've read about the issues with ground clearance, but I dont ride offroad, and dont carry pillion, so I think it'd be fine to lower. I just want to get peoples experiences of doing this, or other things I could look at doing instead/as well as.


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32 minutes ago, Doct0r said:

... I've looked at lowering links...  But are there other things I can adjust too?

I'm 5'7" with a 30 inside leg, so quite short.

Cheapest way to do that is " logger boots" (like Chippewa with 2" heels). I experimented with that by getting near mint condition ones in my size from Ebay, they were a bit loose so put some height increasing inserts in (cheap on Amazon). It is like walking on stilts compared to barefoot.

They have very thick leather and are a pain to lace up, so they will definitely stay in place in the event of accident.

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I have seen lowering links advertised that drop the Tracer 35mm. If you go along that line with your bike just be aware that the early Tracer had the sump plug sticking down from the bottom of the sump and this could damage the sump going over bumps and curbstones. from 2017 the sump plug was re=designed and stuck out to the front.

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