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Lightweight Cover for 2019 Tracer GT with 52L Maxia Top Box

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I have a cover I use for long term storage in the garage. Pretty heavy and bulky, not suitable for travelling.

I'm looking for a cover to use when touring to keep bike dry from overnight rain and to be a barrier to prying thieving eyes, to the extent possible.  Should be waterproof, lightweight, cover as much of the bike as possible and fold into a relatively small bundle when not in use.

Any advice / recommendations appreciated.


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I had the same requirements when traveling/touring, found this on Amazon. Works well although with my 46L Givi case and probably the same with yours, the rear wheel area will show just a little. Otherwise the rest of the bike from the front on is covered. Without the top case, bike is fully covered from head to toe. Low cost too so even if lost or damaged, easily replaceable.



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I have a 3/4 cover that's light and packs up into its own integrated pocket with last straps that's perfect with my shad SH46 top case and a screen taller than stock I can check which it is.  It's just stuck away right now

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