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Quickshifter question

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1 hour ago, Dave1963 said:

Just a quick question I have a 2019 gt and love the bike and the quickshifter but i was wondering if its possible to add a quickshift down to the bike...

It would have to be a third party solution in place of the oem.

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6 hours ago, Ride365 said:

To bad the current OEM isn't plug and play for the previous gen GT's. :( 

On the surface, this seems like a reasonable wish, but...

I wonder how much of a compromise to the current gen Tracers that implies?

A highly-integrated QS presumably needs a different computer, different/more sensors such as the gear-shift sensor, ABS mods, possibly physical mods to the gearbox and casing, additional signals to the dash, additional dash lights, config controls to manage the rev-change settings and more.

To design a QS in such a way that it can be retrofitted to earlier models without it looking like a 3rd-party add-on to the newest model seems like quite an engineering stretch.

The other problem you have is that Yamaha would want to sell it to you for 2-3 times the price of an aftermarket job.

I for one am glad they went for a tightly integrated QS rather than something that could easily be mistaken for a re-badged 3rd-party unit.

Which brings up the final question. Would a Yamaha after-market add-on be any better than the ones that already exist?

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