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New owner here.

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Hi, picked up the bike last week. I live in the bay area, Sonoma County. Lots of amazing rides close by, looking forward to viewing them from a new motorcycle.

Never had a bike with this many computers, a bit intimidating. Wondering if the Yamaha Extended Warranty is called for. I'm sure they're are not cheap to replace. Not finding much information on any such problems.

Has anyone here had or heard of any common computer problems?

Thanks for the help, jack

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Welcome and of course we need photos 🙂


I event seen many computer problems on and bikes.  The ECU gets unplugged and replugged when doing significant work on them like checking the valves and maybe syncing the throttle bodies yet no one seems to post up Help! my ECU died.  Most electrical problems are contacts in connectors due to age and wiring that has been modified by people or rodents.

There is some great riding out there.  I have a son in Sunnyvale.

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Welcome - No (computer) issues either on my '22 T9GT. I think you'll enjoy your new ride.

I've done a fair number of upgrades including an ECU flash, no prior issues or nothing currently (knock on wood). Definitely this is the website I refer to for upgrades & reviews, just have to search or go through various threads in many areas. Also suggest looking at YT for reviews.

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Hi, stopped by dealer this morning and spoke to the finance fella about the extended warranty. Told us what is covered and what isn't covered. Said the 4 year warranty starts AFTER the basic warranty runs out. Good at any US Yamaha dealership. Not valid in either Canada or Mexico. Transferable if we sell the bike.

Quoted the price, very, very reasonable. Sweetie and I talked about for a couple of hours, called him back and purchased it.

We feel comfortable about the purchase. Happy we did it, Thanks for all the help! jack

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