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Mo'Cycle Airbag Jeans and Vest

Heli ATP

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I participated in the crowdfunding campaign for Mo'Cycle. I thought I would have my AirBag Jeans and Vest by now. I hope this comes to fruition. 

Here is the latest update ....

Update #7 from Mo'cycle Airbag Jeans


Posted by Mo'cycle on Jul 19, 2023 • 5:41AM PDT

Timeline production


The good news is that all the materials needed for production have been delivered and are in place at the factories in Italy and France. However, the bad news is that both countries typically close down all factories during the vacation month of August. As a result, production will not begin until September, with delivery expected in October.

We have been making efforts to expedite the production before the vacation period starts, and as a result, we have managed to secure around 70 pairs of airbag jeans for delivery by the end of this month, July (specifically the black jeans in waist sizes 29 to 33). The remaining airbag jeans will be delivered in October.

As for the airbag vest, the timeframe is still uncertain, but we are actively working on it.

We sincerely apologize for the delays. With experience in handling productions, this is the first time we have faced such a delay.


How it works


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