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Can bus?


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Working out how I can get rid of the headlight wink on the 2021+ tracer 9. I believe there are 2 options :

1a. Maybe I can aim the high beam lower (does it come with so much adjustability?) and ride around with high beam on.

1b. I would like to add 1 or 2 aux high beam lights to keep the option of having more light. 

1c. Preferably I would like to rewire the both headlights to the low beam and the high beam switch to the aux light. 

2. Somehow rig a way to power down the high beam (I once learned from a guy that was behind doubletronic accessory, that the reflector of a light only starts working after x% of light). This was however with halogen and not sure if this would work with the led and if I do not run the risk of damaging it (costly replacement compared to a bulb). 

Both options require messing with the wiring. Ideally I would make a plug in between solution so I can always go back to stock. But also most can bus systems do not allow for changes. Is there even can on the tracer and if so are these circuits protected by it?

Also is there a place where I can find the types of plugs that are used over the bike? 

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You just don't tap into or compromise wiring, in particular a CANBUS system. You can't see the front of bike while riding, so if you are just wanting more additional lighting for overall visibility of cage drivers, then I would just add some LED lighting. Honestly additional lighting doesn't even help much with that, but the SMIDSY maneuver does work very well in freezing cage drivers in their tracks. Background camouflage is our worst enemy, and doing the slight weave I mentioned is something I always use anytime I see a cage driver inching out of an intersection........IT WORKS. 

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If it is indeed canbus I would definately leave it alone.

But are you 100% sure it is? 

As mentioned I would not positap or splice in anything

I would always try to find a way to create something that you can plug between the original male and original female connector by means of 2 new connectors which then gives you the possibility to splice into that rather than the original loom. 

I'm not looking for more light for the cagers (a cell service jammer would work better to get their attention😞) but for myself. If I aim my original high beam lower in order to run it all the time, I have no high beam left to use when I need to see where I'm going😅

Thanks for the tip on the weaving, that makes sense indeed. 

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yes, there’s CANBUS on these bikes. 
ECM-ABS-Inst Cluster-DIAG plug. 
I cannot speak to (your) newer 21 T9GT as I don’t have a lot of hands on time with them yet. But because the new model has an IMU you can bet there’s more CANBUS, not less, than previous models. 

I know of at least 3 failures in the headlight systems of the older GEN FJ/MTT models - these happened to people who are/were members here - so who knows how many more failures dealerships saw?

All were caused because of (IMHO) owners who wired something into the headlight system and blew the driver circuit of the ECM  which is responsible for completing ground for the LED headlights. 
I suspect that some of those failures were caused by relays made without good diodes. 

There are also some people who have tapped into the system successfully and not caused any problems.

I would proceed with caution. Simple solutions are best, or just live with the design of the bike. 


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