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Shad 40L top case on a 2020 900gt factory rack

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I want to buy a top case for my Tracer and want to use the factory rack. 

The Yamaha 39 liter is back ordered so I want to go with a Shad 40 liter instead. 

Does anyone know if I can fit the Shad case on the Yamaha rack?

Any help would be appreciated 



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Thanks. I ended up going with the Shad mount after searching.  
I like the look of the SH40 on there. 
I ordered the same one. 
I ran top cases on my last 4 bikes and this is the longest I’ve gone without one. 

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On 7/28/2023 at 8:45 AM, Warchild said:

Not sure it would fit without some sort of adapter plate. I went with the tried-n-true SW-Motech rack, it has been perfect on my 2020 Tracer GT:


Have the same case on my 2015. Have used the rack on top also. They make a nice bungie that works on that rack perfectly. 

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