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Had to get out….


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So, my wifes brother, sister, and mother were in town visiting this past weekend. Since Sunday was the Niners first game, a big football watching party was planned. I aint a football fan nor enjoy being around football fanatics. 

Thats when I decided I had to get out. I got new chain a sprockets on, so I needed to do a QA check.

Ive havent been on 32 this year, so I decided to see how all that repaving last year turned out.  
OMG…….it was fantastic. Hot day, hot black top, sticky tires….and smooth road……life was good…..traffic was light……ie none really so it was easy to get into a rather fast flow. My recent track days really helped……I found myself using less brakes and more engine braking to set my corner entry speeds…….high RPMs provide a feeling of a direct connection  to the engine. There was lessing waiting for the engine to slow down.

Found a new back road, one of those squiggly lines on the map. Its on my must do again list.

I stopped in Mineral for a snack break. There is nothing better than sitting on a front porch bench, in the middle of nowhere, watching the world go by…..way better than being inside watching football. 
The cheese and crackers snack never tasted better. But the big topper was…….the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwhich. So enjoyable. 
I continued down on 36…..nice road but so boring after riding 32, just not enough twisties. 
My timing getting home was perfect, football was over and time to get ready to go out for a fine dinner.

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