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Hi all


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Hi I will be shortly changing bikes from a Honda NC750X to a Tracer 9 GT.. just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, looking forward to regularly posting on here..

A little background - I did my direct access motorbike course here in the UK in July 2022 and have loved riding since. My first and current bike is a NC750X which i actually really like, but I am left wanting more power and better brakes. Plan to do some touring next year.

Over the last month I have test ridden a number of bikes including Kawasaki Ninja 1000sx, Kawasaki Versys 1000, Suzuki GSX 1000 gt, BMW S1000xr and KTM 890 smt and of course the Tracer 9 GT (plus model actually)

It was a close call between the Ninja 1000 sx and the Tracer 9 GT but I feel much more confident in the corners on the Tracer 9 GT coming from a similarly more upright sports tourer.. and at 6ft 5 I just could not get over how I look on the Ninja.. haha

I currently am awaiting delivery of a secure motorcycle shed to keep my new bike in and lower insurance costs.. then I will be looking to get probably a 2022 Tracer 9 GT. The screen on the GT+ is very nice but cannot really justify spending a few thousand extra on that (the adaptive cruise control does not really bother me). 

Anyways I think that's about is for now!

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On 10/3/2023 at 12:32 PM, bobble07 said:

at 6ft 5

That's a common theme - these bikes are great for taller people.

Good luck on the new ride!

2015 FJ-09 / FJR touring bags / oil plug mod / Evotech rad guard / SW Motech bash plate / VStream touring windshield / Seat Concepts:  Sport Touring / Vcyclenut ABS rings (speedo correction) / Cosmo RAM mount

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