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Standard spare connections


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Hi all,
I understand that as standard the bike comes with 3 spare connectors for fitting accessories.
Is it one of these 3 spares that is used to power the Yamaha heated grips?
I'm in the process of ordering my bike and the options and want to confirm that everything can be fitted without having to resort to splicing or wire taps as if so my dealer will fit everything for me for free and warranty the work. I have done this sort of thing myself before but want to avoid having to on a brand new bike.
The accessories I'm looking at fitting are the additional 12V socket aux socket, Yamaha heated grips, Fog lights and the v2 knuckle guard LEDs (which I understand can connect straight to one of the spares as standard?). I will also be electing for the Yamaha LED blinkers but can't imagine they would need an additional connection.
Can anyone confirm whether this would all connect to the available factory connections? If not I'll probably ditch the idea of the hand guard LEDs.
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There are spare connectors under the headlight. Have to remove windscreen to get to them. The 4th one here has the stock 12v outlet plugged in.
The headed grips do not use any of these front spare connectors. The heated grips plug in on the right hand side behind the panel that holds the right turn signal.
Dealer will have to splice or crimp connectors for the LED knuckle guards and possibly the fog lights.
The two spare aux power connectors (not used for the secondary 12v outlet) are MT090-2B (with ribs)
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Thanks for the reply. I was under the impression that the fog lamps and guard LEDs would connect to one of the spare connectors but I suppose if he's going to be splicing anyway getting the guard LEDs done too shouldn't be too much extra hassle.
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  • 2 years later...
Another post from confused in Canada.......
If I am reading this right - the spare grey connectors behind the front fairing panel are complete i.e. there is an end with a "blank" plugged into it. In order to connect lights / usb etc, you need to unplug the empty connector, run your wires etc. Is this correct? If so, is anyone aware of a post on this site or the web on how the connectors are inserted and assembled? Perhaps I am once again over thinking this.
Bought the following items, however, now thinking that I only need the rubber inserts and crimp wires.
Thanks all in advance.
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Hi again ?
You’re correct in that the outer part of the connector is there, with rubber blanks, but the metal terminals are missing from the inside.
Remove the blank connector, poke the new wires you want to connect throught the new rubber seals you bought from ebay, then crimp the stripped wires onto the metal terminals. These then push these terminals into the connector but beware as they click in and are hard to remove if you have them oriented incorrectly. Then just rejoin your connectors.

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