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fj-09.org does not work in Tapatalk

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Hi guys,
So I figured out there is an app to help with forum browsing - Tapatalk. Its really handy to use from a phone instead of using the phones browser.
I found out about the app through http://fj-09.org/. When browsing this site on a phone, the site suggests I install Tapatalk "Follow FJ-09 Forums with Tapatalk for Android" (screen shot attached).
Problem is:
[ul type=disc][*]I cannot find this forum when I search for it in Tapatalk[*]If I got to fj-09.org with my phone, fj-09.org suggests I open with Tapatalk. When I do that, Tapatalk says "This forum is not available in Tapatalk. Please contact you admin." (screen shot attached).[/ul]
Any ideas?
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It's a Tapatalk issue. I added us to Tapatalk and it won't go thru. I emailed them about it and they keep emailing back about the other forum that I own. It's Been frustrating to say the least.
This forum does have an easy mobile mode, and goes into mobile mode when you visit it from a mobile device though.
I am trying to work with Tapatalk to resolve this issue, not , much luck yet though.
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Its a long assed process with Tapatalk, most forum owners hate Tapatalk. I can't stand Tapatalk. And that's why I chose forum software that goes into Mobile mode responsive when you visit on a smartphone automatically.
Here is the problem with Tapatalk from a forum owners standpoint.
Whenever we report an issue with Tapatalk, (there are many) it takes them 3-4 days to reply. Then, they ask a question, we reply right away and then they take another 3-4 days to reply. Then, when their suggestion doesn't remedy the issue (it never remedy's the issue) and we reply, it takes them another 3-4 days to reply. So, to get issues like this fixed, it can take weeks, sometimes even months because the bastards have no phone number to call.
They could afford to hire phone tech support because they run ads on Tapatalk and make great money from the ads.
So, the long process of getting the FJ-09 Forums on Tapatalk has begun last Monday, let's see how long it will take them.
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