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1st Iron Butt on FJ


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A friend and I completed a SaddleSore 1600K on Friday which gave me some time to feel out the new bike. Our intended ride was to be from Fort McMurray Ab to Kamloops BC then back to Jasper Ab. We only ended up as far as Avola BC (190 km short of Kamloops). Now my take on the bike. The seating position for me is really nice. A very natural position with the hands resting comfortably on the grips. The seat itself...definitely needs improving. Its very hard and created hot spots on my butt. I have completed other Iron Butt Challenges on my FZ1 and didnt feel as tired from the seat. The pegs...great placement. I am able to stand quite easily while moving to stretch out body parts but I noticed mine have a signficant vibration under acceleration thru most of the mid range rpm but lessens into the higher range. Still waiting on engine guard with hopes of being able the mount highway pegs to them. Mileage...the bike and my own calculations put my average at 4.8 L/100km or a smidge better than 49 mpg (over a 2180 km trip). So the bike trip computer is quite accurate. The longest leg was 330 km and I pulled into the gas station only 15 km into my reserve and pumped 15.995 liters. This bike could do 375-380 on a tank if you took it easy on the highway. The cruise control (throttle lock) I installed worked well but needed to McGyver it on. My tank bag fit only ok as the gas tank is oddly shaped. My tank bag covered most of the display which forced me to have to move to see my speed. Guess I gotta buy a new one. The tie down points worked very well. The weather...no ride is complete without getting wet and this ride didn't fail us. We hit major rain for an hour, scattered rain showers for 3 hrs and we drove on wet roads for 5 more hrs. The tires didn't show any signs of loosing grips in the corners and the traction control was tested and worked flawlessly. Sorry but pictures to post. I welcome any questions and comments you may have.
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