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2015 FJ-09 Error Code 059 Troubleshooting Help

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I have the above bike.

Previous owner had the ECU Flashed and installed an aftermarket cruise.

Over the past year I would lose power / stall out and receive the 059 Code ( Accelerator Position Sensor ).  Generally, I can let the bike sit a while and restart with no issues( sometimes for months ) .  Six weeks ago it happened, there was no restarting and I had to trailer it home.  Now the code is cleared and it will run fine.

Thoughts on how to troubleshoot this problem?  Fuses look good.

My thoughts:

1) Check / replace the APS.

2) Disconnect the Cruise ( not sure what needs to be done to do this ).

3) Send the ECU back to be returned to stock.  The company that did the Flash claims there is no way this could be the problem.  Thoughts?

Thanks in advance for any insights.

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If you are getting the fail code for the APS, it’s flagging for a reason. -find out why. 

In the service manual there should be a section on checking the voltage of the APS to verify its operating within spec. 

On a very random note, considering that it’s a 2015 model how old is the battery? There have been more than a few posts involving odd error codes and erratic behavior from the bike that were fixed with a new battery.

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***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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Thanks betoney,

New battery last year as a possible solution.  Post snugged very tight.  

I have the Maintenance Manual.  Looks like I'll need to pull and test the sensor.




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2 hours ago, LarryBud said:

Looks like I'll need to pull and test the sensor.

You can test it w/out pulling the sensor. I did this while chasing a gremlin a few years ago... this chart may be of help, at least as a reference.



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Larry, As the 1st owner has done some work on the bike, he/she may have also done an APS adjustment that many of us here have done and that is referenced in this link.

If so, there is a possibility that the APS was not snugged up again on adjustment or that it was on the 'edge' of adjustment.

As I said, this may or may not have been done but the referenced link may help in your diagnosis either way.

Good luck and please let us know your findings.

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