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Side Case Locks

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Hi, all. 
I recently rekeyed a set of OEM city cases to my ignition key by swapping and filing the tumbler wafers. I think though, I’m going to buy a lockset kit so that all five wafers function as they should. Before ordering, I thought I’d check with the forum community to see if anyone has leftovers from a previous project they would like to sell as I see each bag of numbered wafers has several in them. 
With 70cm of snow here on the east coast of Canada within the last 48 hours, I’m in need of a project! Thanks. 

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If it helps, you don't need all 5 tumblers, just use 4.  That will give you another couple to play with.  If you don't have one exactly right, you can file it flush to the barrel and good to go.

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A good locksmith should have what you need. I may have some but am on the road at the moment. What numbers do you need?



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