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Engine guard and Saddle bags


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I got my FJ09 a couple of weeks ago and I ordered the Top case with it ( still waiting for the dealer to get the mounting bolts for install).  I didn't want to get the OEM side case as I would only use it for trips.  I am doing some research online on soft side cases and Engine guards and I came across the Hepco and Becker (in Germany) system.  Does anyone have any experience on Hepco and Becker system?  Do I need to order it in the US?  Any recommended place for online order?  Thanks for your help.
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I've had good success with Canadasmotorcycle.ca for parts and accessories (on other bikes). I have used Avicious Cycle in the past - but painfully slow to receive order. He's now merged with Twisted Throttle and is the Canadian vendor (twistedthrottle.ca). I've just always ordered out of the US TT instead. Much quicker. 
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HI All, new member here. Will take delivery of my FJ next week. I too would be very interested in the Hepko skid plate as well if anyone gets around to installing it.
The dealer also suggested this product, does not protect the front of the bike but looks like a good option to protect the bottom
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