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Buying Tomorrow! Tips?

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Buying tomorrow! Any tips before I go in?
I've been lurking on here for months, debated the FZ vs FJ for some time, and have ultimately come to choose the FJ.
I plan to get the hand warmers installed, have already ordered a different wind screen and fender eliminator, and am ready to make the plunge on the bike itself. I'll assure that the shift cam recall work has been done before I take it.
Anything else I should know about? Dealer is recommending springs. At 183lbs, I'm not sure that is an urgent thing and think the adjustability should cover me for a while.
My local dealer has the matte black that I want, and they are at $9299.
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They tacked on a 500 financing fee or something something credit acquisition (basically some bullshit to tack on more fees)... make sure you don't let them do that to you. I also ordered the bike that wasn't on the floor and they promised next week but it took two weeks to get the bike due to the recall. The parts for the recall are on backorder until mid Aug the last time I heard. Also those heated grips are backordered as well so unless they already have it in their inventory, don't expect them anytime soon.
Other than these little niggles, the buying experience for me was smooth.
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