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Luggage Install - What are these clear decals for?

Guest eatpasta

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Are these decals intended to serve as stone protection for the forward facing painted surfaces?
I wouldn't think so as the FJ-09 bags aren't painted.
They do list these as an accessory for the FJR, so maybe they include them with all the bags in case they will be used on an FJR.
I believe the clear decal is to be placed onto the rear "tail section" of the FJR to protect the paint on that, not the bags themselves.
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A similar side bag has been around for at least 10 years. They were referred to as City Bags as they were narrower than those used on the FJR, TDM, FZ1, which all used the same bags. City bags would show up most on some police bikes and a few FJR owners that did the research and found the flatter lids. The lids can be purchased separately.
07FJR w/200K in Japan and City Bags:ZQSssJX.jpg?1Slightly different, but same concept.

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