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I wish this were an oil joke, it would be a little cooler

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Sooo, decided to change my oil (4000 mile mark) and I didn't have a oil filter wrench handy, so I did what I've always done on my vehicles- tap a screwdriver through it and then turn.
I measure the length of the new filter and get an approximate depth before starting. I feel like it went fine, no real issues, but when I removed the oil filter I realize that I put a pretty good ding on the oil cooler- uh oh, but it doesn't look too bad. Torque drain plug, hand tighten the new filter, and fill up with oil.
Start the engine - the oil level temporarily drops due to the new filter, and then BAM- blue fluid drips into the container still under the bike.
$270 on bike bandit for a new assembly.
Dang. Guess I'll order another oil filter, too.
Anyone done a replacement on this guy? I don't have a service manual, but I think if I drain the coolant and oil again it should just be pretty straight forward.
And if anyone else is thinking of just tapping a screwdriver through their filter, think twice, or at least angle it away from the oil cooler!
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On my FZ-09 I always used the K&N #204 oil filter because it has the wrench fitting on the end. It should be a pretty basic install. Check eBay first to see if you can find one used. A lot of guys are wrecking their FZ-09's so there may be a used one out there somewhere.
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I actually patched it up with jb weld steelstik and a hose clamp. Stuck the putty to the clamp, moved it into position, tightened it up a bit. After a few min tightened some more. Let it set overnight. Anyway, held up to temperature, no leaks. Drove about 200 miles so far, still going strong!
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I'm having a hard time visualizing how this happened. I, too, have punched a screwdriver thru a filter when some ham fisted git overtightened the filter. As long as the screwdriver is parallel to the ground, I don't see how this could happen. Is it not possible to access the filter in this manner and that's why it happened?
No matter, I hope you get your bike up and running again soon!!
PS: Another recommendation for the K&N filter. That 17mm nut is pure genius....
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The filter socket cap Honda sells works on all the filters I've installed except the K&N. They're a little too proud of their product for my tastes when it comes to pricing. Safety wire hole is nice but a worm clamp does the job. For those that have been over-tightened (usually the first filter change on new to me bikes) I've used a screwdriver as a last resort. Tapping with a chisel at the base has worked on a couple too.
I use a strap wrench like this for recalcitrant filters: 
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