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How to keep your handlebar aligned

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If you've played with your handlebar position, or notice your hand guards are not quite even, Yamaha has put some little dimples on the bar to keep things in order. 
The left bar mount, clutch lever and brake lever all line up with little dimples on the handlebar. The dimple should go right at the seam where the two pieces clamp together to tighten them down (the clutch lever one is underneath, the other two should be clearly visible from the top if you look). I noticed my left handguard was slightly lower than the right. While scratching my head, I realized this dimple was slightly off center from the seam. Like not even a millimeter off. Correcting it by the slightest, almost unnoticeable amount, lined the hand guards right up. 
So, if you ever loosen anything and worry about lining it all back up, Yamaha's got your back. 
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