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Shad SH48 Top Case Installed

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Installed this today.  It was a very easy install and took <30 minutes. 
I wanted a top case that matched the looks of the bike, and I think this does very well.  I didn't get the carbon top plate due to the extra cost ($75).
I also got the backrest as you can see, for the fiance to be more comfortable, but mostly so I can accelerate as fast as I want now, without worrying about her falling off the back :D
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Yes, the new Shad stuff is great. The leap frogged Givi with the new style, quality, and lower pirces. We sell Givi too, but I recommend Shad just about every time.
Do they make a smaller case than the 36 that will fit the Fj-09? 40 in is wider than the bars and I don't want to do that.
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