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   Just wanted to shout out a hello to everyone.  Great site and a lot of information to go through.  I am currently a speed triple owner.  Love the bike but really looking for something more comfortable and easier to pack gear for camping etc.  I'd love to hear from any former S3 owners that made the switch.  Right now, I am stuck between the FJ and Versys 1000.  I like the idea of an FJ with maybe a set of Shad SH36's.  However, there is the issue of the suspension I keep reading about on here.  I've ridden the V1k and suspension seems pretty good.  Of course, it has bags as well.  But boy is it big.
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Just turned over 10k on my FJ9, and have ridden a friend's V1k.
The V1k had better suspension, was smoother and had better wind management (both had stock screens). That said, it was, IMHO... dull. The FJ9 makes me smile every time I ride it, the V1k was just uninspiring. And for a Kawi, the motor was boring... none of the top end rush they're famous for; good torque, but flat on top. In top gear roll-ons, the FJ9 pulled away, but I'm 20-30lbs lighter than my friend.
The FJ9 suspension is probably it's weakest point, and the price reflects that... Yamaha didn't spend the $$ for top end components. I was planning suspension upgrades, but a switch to Michelin PR4s from the stock Dunlop 222s transformed the bike; much better feel. I have set the static sag, and fiddled with the damping to get it where I like it. It also got better with more miles, which may be placebo, but I'm pretty happy with it now. Enough that I pushed suspension work back on the project list.
The FJ9s motor is just fantastic. Lug it around on the torque, or rev it out, it just pulls everywhere. Combined with the light weight it's a hoot!
I've owned a LOT of bikes over the years (nearly 30), and the FJ9 is at the top of the list for best all 'rounders... comfortable, practical, fast and fun!
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I too rode both in my search for a replacement for my first gen FZ1 (which was also known for it's less-than-top-shelf suspension.) Rodan summed it up: the V1K is boring. It has more HP and torque, but it's longer and heavier. They have pretty much identical 0-60 times, but the FJ FEELS much faster, and wins hands-down in corners. If the "sport" part of sport-touring is important to you, you'll want the FJ. I came off of a bike with suspension that had the same issues as the FJ, and I put over 100K on that bike, so I'm used to the suspension. I won't be touching it.
Having said all that, do yourself the favor of riding both if you can.
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