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tried a couple horns from Harbor frieght

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The chrome set were 8 bucks after 20% coupon. Except for the chrome plastic they are like the horns 60s and 70 cars had. Same sound. I decided to try the Wolo bad boy horn, 35 with coupon. I had used one on a 70 Mustang a few years ago and liked how loud it was. Used the same mount I had made for the chrome horns. The Wolo is very loud. Used a relay powered from the battery and a 10 amp fuse. Radio shack sells a weather resistant automotive style fuse holder that's good up to 30 amps.
On my other bikes I always installed an aftermarket pipe and they were louder then most horns, but I like the stock exhaust on the fj.
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I had this horn on my previous bike and it was quite loud. It will definitely wake the slumbering cagers. I had read on another forum that they won't last very long when mounted horizontally but don't know from personal experience. I ended up compromising and mounting a standard low tone car horn in place of the factory horn.
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I've had these... well very similar on my Tenere for years and they don't last but are inexpensive to just replace. Now my high tone is out right now.
On the Tenere forum there is a discussion where a few who mounted up there actually had the fender destroyed by hitting the horns on fork compression. Hasn't happened to me. I'm not a big off roader either.

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