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My Crate Label Says I Have a FJ09GS

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I got my 2016 FJ09 last August, still in the crate. The salesman showed me the crate label, and it said it was a FJ09GS.
However, on the cover of the owner's manual that came with the bike, it says that it covers the FJ09G and FJ09GC.
Can anyone point me to the differences between these designations?
TIA, PFJohns
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Is it the silver model? Or maybe the BMW version? Sorry...I'm useless.


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You got the offroad version by mistake. It's a Yamaha prototype. Spoked wheels. 19" front wheel. Larger gas tank. ESA. That skidplate underneath that looks plastic is actually a new kevlar design that Yamaha will start using on all it's dual sports and enduros. It saves 1# even over the plastic "plates" that they throw on bikes now. My secret Yamaha source said that they wouldn't be out until the end of 2017. I'll have to go talk to him.
Don't believe me? Jeep did it earlier this year: https://www.yahoo.com/news/junkyard-accidentally-sells-2018-jeep-182326218.html
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Laugh In? The Smithsonian called and they would like you to return to your exhibit :)
...ouch.... I have to chisel this into my wall so I can show the gang when they return from the hunt.
I'm not quite that old but these were about my riding club... 

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US 2016 model parts fiches: 
FJ09 (FJ09GB)
FJ09 (FJ09GS)
They're all FJ09G. Adding the C is for the California model. The last letter is usually a color EG B is Raven Black, S is Matte Silver.

Yup and the G represents the model year by the way.  Yamaha uses a common letter to designate the year of the bike across all models.  They correspondingly reset every 26 years. 2010 models were Z and it reset to A in 2011 (i.e. the 2011 FZ6R was FZ6RA, the R1 was YZFR1A, etc.). 
Hence 2015 FJ-09s are FJ09F (+ color code), 2016s are FJ09G, 2017s are FJ09H and so on.
I guess it's good that they haven't produced the same model of bike for more than 26 years or you wouldn't be able tell which year it was from with that naming system :)
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