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New FJ-09 rider from the Rockford IL area


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Hey there everyone... this seems like a great forum.  Lots of great comments and everyone seems very helpful.  I've been riding for a long time... mostly cruiser type bikes.  I just purchased a new 2015 FJ-09 and will be picking it up from the dealer in a few weeks.  Can't wait to get on it and see what everyone is raving about... I couldn't be more excited about.
If there are any riders out there in the Rockford IL area going out for some weekend rides... let me know.  My wife also rides her own bike and would be nice finding some others to ride with possibly.
Take care everyone ... Spring is almost here!!!
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Welcome @cabbs5!  I hope you really enjoy the FJ... as you can tell from the forum, it has quite an enthusiastic following.   I arrived at the FJ from the other end of the spectrum from you, having been riding sportbikes for decades, but it seems like the perfect all-around bike for a wide variety of riders. 
Congrats and enjoy!
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